Michele Linn’s 5 ways to find the perfect keywords for your B2B content

Afbeelding_B2B Here is another great post from Michele Linn. This time, she looks at how to find the keywords for your business-to-business content marketing strategy.

Something easily overlooked in content creation is the importance of keywords. Marketers often think about keywords when optimizing a website for search, but keywords are equally important is for ALL content you create, such as blog posts, white papers, eBooks, press releases, etc.

It’s a great idea to develop a list of keywords that you use consistently throughout all of your content. Of course, this begs the question: how do you know what the right keywords are? As a starting place, consider these five tips.

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Tom Pick on social media ROI and web analytics

Tom Pick of KC Associates Recently, contributor Ambal Balakrishnan from Click Documents, interviewed Tom Pick, an online marketing executive with Minneapolis-based B2B marketing and PR agency KC Associates. He shared his thoughts on this year’s marketing evolutions and on social media ROI.

Tom, who blogs about B2B marketing on Webbiquity, believes that with increased time spent on social media marketing, C-level executives will pressure their teams to demonstrate measurable ROI from these programs.

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