How marketing and communication people use social media

In a small survey done by agency, among people working in marketing and communication (primarily from Denmark), the company got some interesting insights.

Contributor Jonas Klit Nielsen from shares them with you in this post.

The survey had about 170 valid responses and people were asked about their behavior on social media.

Here are some of the results:

People have no time to see their friends because they’re too busy talking to them on Facebook

– 92% of the respondents use Facebook
– The majority use it for personal purposes to stay in touch with their friends and stay up-to-date about their status
– People are mainly sharing and exploring content and talking to friends

In other words: If you have no time to visit your friends offline – be the best friend ever on Facebook!

LinkedIn is where your ego shines

– 60% use LinkedIn
– It’s mainly used as a professional networking tool where people keep track of contacts and brand themselves

Baring this in mind you may brush your hair before taking your profile picture. After all it is your logo.

Your new TV is YouTube

– YouTube is used by 86% of the respondents
– The majority use it for fun and entertainment
– A great number also use it to get new knowledge and inspiration

Have you considered moving the sofa a bit closer to the computer?

You have joined a flock of sparrows on Twitter

– 49% use Twitter
– It’s used for both personal and professional purposes
– People use it to share knowledge and to connect with people with similar interests

You may find that there are more people than you who are into new products from Apple.

There is a stalker inside you

– 27% read blogs every day
– 46% reads blogs on a regular basis
– Why? The content is relevant in a personal or professional context
– However, people rarely or never leave comments or participate in group discussions
– Some of the most popular topics that our respondents like to read about include ‘Social Media Development’, ‘Marketing Development’ and ‘Branding’

Let the people you stalk know you worship them by leaving a comment!

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