Tips for sharing multimedia on social networks

Social networks can be great for connecting with people and having conversations, but they’re even better when used as an in-depth multimedia sharing platform.

From videos to music, images to online games, there’s no end to the amount of media that can be shared through social media platforms and online communities.

However, a lot of users, particularly companies and commercial entities that are new to social media, don’t know how to share their videos and dynamic marketing materials properly. Online video can be a killer marketing format and mastering the art of video sharing can certainly help with conversions.

In this post you’ll discover some tips, and strategies that will help you share video, audio, and images more effectively online.

Enjoy boosted conversions, increased buzz and discussion, and a much more dynamic social media presence with dynamic multimedia as part of your social media platform.

1. On Twitter? Use a link shortening service

Long links are annoying, especially on Twitter. Whether they end up getting cropped by the system or not, long links are sometimes even completely impossible to post given the limits of the system.

If you’ve got a cool Youtube video to share or a video-based opt-in page, make sure you use a simple link shortening service so that it’s easy to post and share. If you’re unsure of which service to pick, look through the tweets of your recent followers and pick whichever service is most popular.

2. Back up your videos with written content.

There have been a couple of studies into the video/content combination, and almost all have suggested that video content is always best when backed up with text. From video posts to online marketing materials, when you incorporate video into your social media presence, be sure to back it up with detailed and interesting written content too.

A major advantage of this approach is the potential SEO benefits that come when you use text. Video, despite being an effective marketing resource, isn’t indexed by search engines, and sometimes an addition as simple as a video transcription can change an SEO-bomb into an optimized and results-ready post.

3. Keep media short, especially on Twitter.

Social media platforms tend to favor short and punchy messages, which is likely why Twitter has grown into such an online sensation.

Instead of using lengthy video content as a promotional tool, save the ten minute tutorials for opt-in content and use short messages as your promotional materials.

Offer a minute or two of content to catch people’s attention, then give up the rest once you’ve built an interested audience with opt-in and subscription tools.

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