Econsultancy: a bunch of email marketing data from the iStrategy 2010 conference

Remember that I wrote last month that UK-based Econsultancy had published a ‘Email Marketing Best Practice Guide’, written by Dave Chaffey, who said there was a lot of information in it about the integration of email and social media? 

Although Dave was kind enough to recommened my small blog as a good source regarding these topics in a post, called “Digital Marketing Predictions and recommendations for 2010”, I haven’t purchased the report yet. Will buy it soon. (Tip: to find the link to this blog in Dave’s post, find this part where he writes: “This is covered in depth in my new Econsultancy best practice guide, but for detailed coverage I recommend the social email marketing blog if you follow the link above.”)

To make it up a bit but also because it contains interesting data about lots of email marketing elements (ROI, etc.), I’ll post the presentation Econsultancy director Peter Abraham, well, presented a couple of weeks ago at the iStrategy 2010 conference.

To be honest, I’m not going to really write about it (it’s week-end, folks!).

I’ll use the power of social media and simply embed the slideshare presentation as Peter uploaded it.

You might want to go full-screen, unless of course you can see better than me.

So, here it is: a bunch of email marketing stats, data and trends.

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