Movie marketing: impossible without YouTube?

Earlier this week, AdvertisingAge posted an interesting article regarding the important role YouTube today plays in the movie marketing business.

Like other businesses, entertainment business too relies on effective marketing to reach a wider audience base. With numerous films being released worldwide, it is important to create curiosity for the film in the minds of the audience. Google’s video site – YouTube is now helping them in this endeavor.

Some thoughts.

For many months, Google has been introducing quite a number of ways to both large and small advertisers on how they can use YouTube for promoting their films. Some of the effective ways of advertising have been homepage ads, pre-rolls and overlays, paid placements and also search ads.

The Internet has become one of the most effective marketing tools in recent years. It is more so, as younger people spend a considerable time browsing the Internet to know about various products and services.

YouTube has provided entertainment advertisers an ideal platform to promote their films, which are on the verge of being premiered or released. YouTube has emerged as an effective movie marketing tool in the past year; it has been growing enormously earning big bucks for Google. 

The aggressive bidding of YouTube’s homepage among movie studios on Thursdays and Fridays in order to promote weekend openings clearly proves the role of YouTube as an effective marketing tool.

Big movie studios “buy” YouTube’s homepage simultaneously in many countries to boost the viewing of movie trailers worldwide.

Consumer brands trying to reach younger people go YouTube

The movie trailers shown online create curiosity and encourage online viewers to know more about the film. No doubt, it is certainly a great promotional tactic. Also, with YouTube, movie studios can make sure that their movie trailer is sampled through paid media. This is impossible  with a marketing microsite.

YouTube is benefiting not only movie studios, but also consumer brands, who now prefer to market their products and services by developing their own video content, especially for YouTube.

With the growing popularity of YouTube among younger people, consumer brands are switching from traditional television commercials to YouTube videos.

With YouTube videos, they can not only get impressions and traffic, but also make their target customers participate in various activities.   

In a year’s time, Google’s YouTube has come a long way as a marketing tool which no one ever dreamt of.

Read the article from AdvertisingAge and the lessons to learn from YouTube here.

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