Why you should hire people who blog

My friend Jonas from Mindjumpers just got inspired again! He stumbled upon what he calls “a great (but old) blog post written by Neil Perkin, the founder of Only Dead Fish, a UK consultancy specializing in digital content and social technologies”.

Jonas quotes: “Times are tough. The recruitment market is tough. But here are some reasons why employing people who blog is more important than ever”.

Here they are (again quoted).

  1. They start fires.
    Blogging forces you to come up with new stuff. To be interesting.
  2. They understand the value of connection. And are connected. To other interesting people.
  3. They get digital.
    They appreciate the nuances and potential of social media. And how it works. Because they’re doing it, not looking at it.
  4. They network like crazy.
  5. But most of all, because they’re bothered.
    They have an opinion. They’re not afraid to express it. They’re passionate about their subject. And real passion is rare indeed.

For Jonas, Neil Perkin nailed it.

He writes: “actually, my latest hires have been people that blog, looking at my most recent hire, he actually just started blogging when I found his blog, but what he was writing, well, it just hit reason number 5 right on: with deep passion and excitement!

“And that’s what I was explaining in my last blog post about digital identity“, Jonas writes, “you can create yourself, you can start working with what you are truly passionate about”!

Jonas concludes: “Start blogging! Start looking for people who blog when you hire!”

Thanks Jonas. What can I add? That on the picture in Perkin’s post you see the people from the band The Prodigy, who had a great hit with their song ‘Firestarter’, that’s about it I’m afraid.


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