The feeling of being involved and listened to: and what your business can learn from it

A few weeks ago my soulmate Jonas Klit Nielsen helped me out by writing about a press release I sent him. It was about a new Twitter tool, called

Jonas, enthusiastic as he is, started to test the tool right away and sent me back a review including his opinion. Not much later Sergio Tobon from commented on Jonas his remarks. He didn’t go defensive, he started explaining and asking input. Jonas and Sergio started a conversation via the comment features of this blog. Three things proven: the people at know what social media listening is, they know how to deal with criticism and they sure know what sharing and collaborating is. Jonas was impressed and found it a great lesson for other companies as you’ll read in the text he wrote about the experience below.

It’s hard not loving all these new possibilities of meeting people from all over the world and interacting with people you don’t know that rock!

When I wrote a blog post about here, I wrote that I liked the tool, but that I had a little bump along the road when I started using it.

How responding on social media turns critics in ambassadors

What happened next is just one of those fantastic experiences I wish everybody would get, because they are real-life examples when it comes to the possibilities of connecting with people that have a shared passion.

Twitterlive was built by Sergio Tobon, an experienced .Net Web Application developer, who is passionate about Twitter, web services, and social media in general. His previous start-ups include the popular service

Sergio answered my blog post (almost within minutes, kind of scaring fast even).

And because he was open minded and started a conversation in the comment area of the blog post, he got some insights from a user, and to be honest – he also got a somewhat more dedicated user and ambassador for his tool!

Not because of the tool, but because I really like his approach to his users.

I could probably name you a million companies that could learn something from Sergio.

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