The feeling of being involved and listened to: and what your business can learn from it

A few weeks ago my soulmate Jonas Klit Nielsen helped me out by writing about a press release I sent him. It was about a new Twitter tool, called

Jonas, enthusiastic as he is, started to test the tool right away and sent me back a review including his opinion. Not much later Sergio Tobon from commented on Jonas his remarks. He didn’t go defensive, he started explaining and asking input. Jonas and Sergio started a conversation via the comment features of this blog. Three things proven: the people at know what social media listening is, they know how to deal with criticism and they sure know what sharing and collaborating is. Jonas was impressed and found it a great lesson for other companies as you’ll read in the text he wrote about the experience below.

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Launch of automatically publish a blog feed to Twitter (including my first impressions)

Nearly all bloggers have a Twitter profile or, at least, they should have one.

It’s one of those sharing ideas that drives Twitter, ensuring that as a blogger you’re not writing in the total dark and hope for someone to stumble upon your blog.

It makes sense to launch a tool like the new social media startup,, that officially presented itself to the world via a press release today.

The tool makes sure that your blog posts are automatically fed into your Twitter account, especially useful if you have more than one blog to manage!

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