5 conditions to consider before diving in social media

GiedriusIvanauskas With a growing interest in social media properties like Facebook and Twitter it seems like every business is trying to jump into this space.

Even though, it is very important to step back and ask yourself if you are doing the right thing as sometimes it may cause total tragedy in your overall online strategy.

Here are 5 reasons to keep in mind before going to engage in Social Media:

1. Time – If you don’t have enough time to spare for the  most important person in your life  just don’t do business with him/her, because it is simple logic – this person (consumer/your biggest stakeholder) will not have time to spend on you.

2. Resources – You always have to be willing to drop a penny here and there , just to make sure that your partner is happy (free e-books and etc). Don’t even start engaging if you are not sure about your ability to keep the conversation going. You have to have resources for consistent and continuous conversation.

3. Authenticity (not being yourself) – If you are trying to show off or to impress someone too much it can end up really badly. People will never want to come back to you if you sell yourself too strong or too quickly (i.e. from the first tweet ).

4. Openness – You just have to be open and transparent with you partners as without Openness and Transparency there is no Trust and without Trust there are No Relationships.

5. Love – An honest wish to connect and love  someone else – not just yourself would be required by the consumers. You have to love your customers first for them to start loving you.

Well just to sum up, I think like in any other working relationship, even if this relationship is between two really competitive sides if you just want take not to give your relationship is  damned to fail.

Giedrius Ivanauskas, the researcher of Social Media and Augmented reality, is a social media marketing expert that really gets the point. He blogs on Social Media Today and on his own blog Social Media Citizens (that you can follow on Facebook here). Giedrius is also an administrator of the Social Marketing Forum and its Facebook Page. You can follow Giedrius via Twitter here.

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