sold for $250,000 with zero revenue (and more striking data and facts)

If you’re in the online world as long as I am, you might remember the days that start-ups or sites that had no revenues and often even no real business plan, were sometimes sold for a lot of cash.

I’m talking before the dot com bubble burst. Think those days are over? Maybe you have to think again because news just got to me that has been sold for $250,000.

What’s Basically, it’s just “a service that aggregates Twitter to help people find real-time news on popular stories” or as its headline says “news by the people for the people”.

Revenues? Nothing, nada, rien. Visitors? Millions per month (according to PR at least), an Alexa traffic rank of 45,916 worldwide and 17,373 in the US. was put up for sales on as you might know and thus, as of today, we know the price. Let me repeat it: $250,000.

In a press release, Flippa says that since it “launched its website marketplace in June 2009 there has been a steady increase in the volume and prices of websites being traded. However, the recent successful sale of Retweet is the highest price paid for a virtual property in the marketplace”.

What I find strange though are the ‘reach’ stats and daily traffic stats on Alexa. Check out for yourself. I have compared it to my blog (that’s not even 3 months old). Some days I had the same reach and traffic as

However, what strikes this skeptical blogger most are the spikes in the traffic and reach (see image below, is the blue line, my blog is the brown one).

Anyone want to buy my blog for $120,000? Don’t even need If you buy my blog for $120,000, I promise you that I’ll have an Alexa traffic rank of 45,000 within a month and a guaranteed traffic of over 15,000 visitors per day for at least 3 months without writing a single post. Every advertiser will want to be on it!

No BS, I know how to do it without breaking any law or code of conduct. I just don’t do it and try to do it step by step.

My guess: I think knew it too and someone will be in for a surprise (or they are very lucky on some days…).

Anyone needs huge traffic? Skype me. Or not. Want proof? Tell me on what day you want to see my blog have over 4,000 visitors, I dare you. And that’s without the shady tricks, just simple and fair.


Well, here’s the Alexa graph. Now, you tell me if that’s normal (and, yes, I know Alexa is not perfect).

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