Social media marketing, choice and Starbucks

I have been working all day on a content marketing and social media marketing document.

I was thinking about a way to say why it’s important to offer people a choice of ways to connect with a business.

Choice is so important but it’s also a necessity: if your business only uses a few interaction channels (I avoid communication channels on purpose), you just don’t connect with everyone and you’re not there where your customers, prospects or brand lovers are.

It’s simple mathematics.

I wanted to use an “image” to add some flavor to my document. But I didn’t find anything. In that situation, life has learned me, you best just let go and let the inspiration come from a deeper level, you know what I’m talking about: that strange and wonderful thing called subconsciousness.

I decided to read a magazine from last year in my native language. There was an interview with CRM manager Andrew Small from BT.

What he said was exactly what I was looking for. So I didn’t need my subconsciousness.

I translated a quote and decided to share it. Here it is. It needs no further explanation:

“People want to decide how they communicate with a company themselves. I call it the Starbucks phenomenon: Starbucks offers six thousand different flavours and types of coffee. It would take 17 years to try them all. But customers love it.” 

Customers love it.

It’s that simple.

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