Email marketing: thoughts on getting people to open your emails and permission

The title of this post might seem a bit silly but with an increasing amount of emails sent, ever more email clients (remember Facebook’s plans), the need to focus on relevant content to avoid unsubscribes (and get your emails delivered) and lots of email clients blocking images, it is certainly a topic email marketers are concerned with.

On top of that, with the changing policies of ISPs regarding deliverability (where content, interaction and open rates become increasingly important), you can’t talk about it enough.

Many emails from businesses, even highly targeted marketing emails, do not even get opened. They get binned, marked as spam (often unnecessarily), or archived right from the get-go, and never see the light of day.

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Social media marketing, choice and Starbucks

I have been working all day on a content marketing and social media marketing document.

I was thinking about a way to say why it’s important to offer people a choice of ways to connect with a business.

Choice is so important but it’s also a necessity: if your business only uses a few interaction channels (I avoid communication channels on purpose), you just don’t connect with everyone and you’re not there where your customers, prospects or brand lovers are.

It’s simple mathematics.

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