Marketing relationships: why connecting and staying connected matters

Customers I often write about the importance of valuable relationships on this blog. Some people don’t understand that I even focus on the relational aspect of email marketing and other marketing techniques that are often seen as pure direct marketing.

Make no mistake, however, this blog is about marketing and while I strongly believe in being authentic, conversational and ‘open’, I am not naïve.

Marketing is about results and I still have to find the first company that spend marketing budgets to be simply nice.

However, while corporate sharks and die-hard marketers will tell you that being nice does not work when it comes to making money, the truth is that it is effective.

Of course you doubt this and you want to have proof. Well, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating, but if you’re a direct result marketer and really don’t see how building relationships and maintaining them can be turned into lucrative marketing partnerships, then this is what you might want to read to start thinking more in terms of relationships.

Research your potential partners, customers, and clients

A little research goes a long way. Firms that practice cold calling have reduced personalization and memory to an art form.

Salespeople retain pages-long lists of customers’ information, their favorite vacation spots and activities, and even the names of their kids, spouses, and siblings.

Why? Because that small amount of research goes a long way when it comes to securing long-term partnerships.

Do your research and you will be rewarded with deep connections, leave it to someone else and you will quickly be overtaken.

Retain customers, clients, and friends with email, social media, etc.

Marketing experts know that the only real way to build long-term connections is through continuous, ongoing contact and commitment.

In the online world, that means long-term contact via the “channels” that your customers use: email, social media, whatever.

If you have connected with prospective clients, customers, and business partners online, ensure that you ask them to stay in touch via the channels of their choice.

Long-term connections and relationships are what you strive for.

And let me stress, once again, with the fact that your best salesteam are still loyal customers.

In the end, maybe some marketers might want to learn something from the best sales people: they have always known how important a good and long-term relationships with their customers is.

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