B2B companies increase or maintain their marketing budgets this year and look at online and social media marketing

According to Loop Demand Gen, an integrated business-to-business (B2B) demand generation and telemarketing services company, the majority of B2B marketers will have at least the same marketing budget in 2010 as they did in 2009.

This despite current economic conditions and budget cuts in many organizations.

In a survey the company found that only 25 percent of respondents will add marketing positions in 2010, which suggests that marketers are challenged with accomplishing more with fewer staff.

Other findings include:

  • 10 percent of respondents plan to include event or trade show marketing and sales tools in their 2010 marketing mix.
  • Nine percent of marketers plan to include public relations in their 2010 marketing mix.
  • 59 percent of marketers work with an outside marketing communications vendor.
  • 20 percent of all respondents allocate between 25 percent and 50 percent to outside marketing communications vendors and services.

The company further states that when quizzed about marketing budgets, 30 percent of respondents replied that they plan to increase their marketing budgets this year.

On the other hand, 48 percent was of the opinion that they plan to leave their 2010 marketing budget unchanged from 2009.

Exploring new markets and new solutions: online and social media marketing priority

Many marketing professionals reported that they are exploring new markets and increasing communication programs in the markets they currently serve.

Additionally, respondents said that social media and online marketing communications are the topics, they are most interested in exploring. This indicates that more B2B companies are looking for new solutions to marketing challenges.

Which tactics do you plan to include in your B2B marketing mix

Over 70% of respondents said they are using online lead generation tools such as web forms and email marketing as part of their selling process.

Email marketing web forms and online lead gen tools

Personally, I find that an incredible low percentage.

Among the main challenges for B2B companies the survey found “tight budgets, the economy and finding time to do everything”.

Loop’s report on marketing communications trends was the result of phone surveys, conducted via telephone of 77 B2B marketing managers, marketing directors and marketing vice presidents across the US.

More stats and results from the survey in this PDF.

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