Email and social media: stay in touch!


Imagine you having a neighbour you haven’t seen for a while, let’s say two months. You work, they work, you go to sports, they go to their hobby club, you have your own lives.

You haven’t seen or heard from them in a while yet they’re your neighbour: how do you feel about your relationship with them? Just fine? Too thin?

Could it use some attention to enliven the hood?

When you think about this, you could relate this to email marketing and it’s sister channel social media in an easy way: building relationships and engagement is all about taking care of your customers and subscribers.

Putting time and effort into communicating, sharing and informing them of what’s going on, and listening in on conversations can mean so much.

The difference you make compared to companies that don’t could be just the online edge you need to get and stay ahead.

Remy Bergsma is a professionally trained multimedia producer turned email marketing specialist, having 4 years of experience in the Dutch email marketing business working at an ESP (Blinker). His areas of interest include email design, end user experience and campaign management. Remy further is very community and people minded. Personally sports, photography, music and movies keep him busy. You can connect with Remy via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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