How it feels to win MailChimp’s template throwdown


Does the name Scott Hardigree ring a bell? I guess not unless you’re from the US or a European email marketer that knows his sources.

Anyway, Scott, who is a contributor of this blog, is happy and proud. The reason? His company Indiemark has won MailChimp’s template throw.

Now, what do you do when you win such a contest?

You could get drunk, take the whole company for a trip to Vegas or stay cool. I don’t know if Scott got drunk, I don’t know if Indiemark goes Vegas but I do know that Scott knows how to make a fun video and share it on Vimeo.

Watch it below and check if Scott stayed cool.

And, after that, you can read Scott’s posts on his blog or connect with him in our LinkedIn Group.

How to Win an Email Marketing Award from Scott Hardigree on Vimeo.

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