Watch out YouTube: Truveo search app helps Facebook becoming a hub for online video viewing

Online video

An increasing number of marketers and, obviously, also search engine marketers are discovering the possibilities of online video. With YouTube videos showing up in Google’s search results and the increasing importance of social networks for SEO purposes, online video is yet another way to “UnGoogle your online marketing” a bit, as TopRank recently called it.

By the way: I recently found the just mentioned post via an excellent article about the MayDay update by Dr. Dave Chaffey who thoroughly tested the impact of Google’s MayDay update, using Google Analytics.

Back to online video.

It has become almost a natural reflex to think “YouTube” when talking about online video. However, Facebook also has a database of more than 500 million videos and is climbing in the top of online video destinations.

Facebook becomes a hub for online video viewing

News just came in that video search engine Truveo now has introduced a video search application for…Facebook.

It’s another challenge for Google since Truveo’s Facebook application not only enables Facebook users to search online videos but on top of it obviously enables them to share video.

Earlier this week, NewTeeVee wrote that “Facebook is increasingly becoming a hub for online video viewing”.

The blog talked to a Facebook spokesperson who said that over 20 million videos are being uploaded to Facebook per month and that over 2 billion videos are being watched there.

Also, the number of uploads is growing fast.

Today YouTube still leads the online video world. What will it be tomorrow when the Truveo Facebook app finds its way among the Facebook users?

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