Social media marketing case study: Toyota’s “Sienna Family”


The people of Mindjumpers, contributors to this blogs and co-founders of the Social Marketing Forum, give an example of how social media marketing can be used by car manufacturers to go viral and get buzz, moving beyond the traditional car commercial.

Car manufacturers are typical big spenders when it comes to online and offline advertising and the launch of a new car always leads to a series of advertisements.

I guess we all know how these ads look. A shiny car going along the road. Something about how safe it is and what pleasure it is to drive.

Toyota has launched a campaign that moves beyond the classic campaigns. To promote the new Toyota Sienna SE the company does something new, fun and involving.

The Toyota Sienna family car is featured in a series of YouTube videos.

They show pseudo-cool hiphop-ish parents, , called the “Sienna Family”, and their Swagger Wagon

The videos are all about these parents, a very classic half corny couple that has some high thoughts about themselves as being the coolest parents in the world, which maybe not is the honest truth.

The video is funny and ironic. Some people have even made comments that the Sienna Family should have their one TV show.

A good mix of social media and online video

The campaign has its own micro site, YouTube channel and Facebook Page.

The latter has a great level of involvement and features contests and much more.

It’s obvious that Toyota has brought a fresh and cool approach to their family car; the fan photos shows off some proud people’s own Swagger Wagons.

I think Toyota has taken the family car to another level. Making it hip, cool and raw.

They have chosen the social media channels wisely and use functions that suit a large target group even though it’s aimed for parents.

The excellent use of YouTube with short videos and building a fictive comic family that brings crave to see what the Sienna Family will come up with next.

The video that’s gone most viral is The Swagger Wagon music video, with more than 3,343,200 views and 182,500 Facebook shares in less ten a month.

You can check it out below.

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