How people engage with ads on Facebook

Facebook social network

The people of Danish social media marketing agency Mindjumpers, who are at the basis of the Social Marketing Forum, we launched, look at the ways people engage with advertising on the king of social networks, Facebook. Several studies were recently unveiled and here is a nice overview of one of them, heatmaps included!

A recent study shows that advertising on the Facebook platform works. People read the page updates and are likely to notice the targeted ads as well. This means that if you run a business, you can benefit from having a Facebook page where you can send out updates to your customers and create dialogue.

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Social media marketing case study: Toyota’s “Sienna Family”


The people of Mindjumpers, contributors to this blogs and co-founders of the Social Marketing Forum, give an example of how social media marketing can be used by car manufacturers to go viral and get buzz, moving beyond the traditional car commercial.

Car manufacturers are typical big spenders when it comes to online and offline advertising and the launch of a new car always leads to a series of advertisements.

I guess we all know how these ads look. A shiny car going along the road. Something about how safe it is and what pleasure it is to drive.

Toyota has launched a campaign that moves beyond the classic campaigns. To promote the new Toyota Sienna SE the company does something new, fun and involving.

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