Corporate social media: think outside your own discipline and integrate your tactics


Ambal Balakrishnan from ClickDocuments looks with Dave Fleet of Thornley Fallis Communications, at the fact that social media goes corporate and asked Dave to share some thoughts and tips.

Businesses have started integrating social media into their marketing efforts. However do not just social media for the sake of doing social media. 

Dave Fleet, Account Director at full-service Canadian communications agency Thornley Fallis Communications, urges companies to communicate across multiple media, over a sustained period of time, in order to succeed.

Here are some of Dave’s tips, predictions and marketing actions for the usage of social media in businesses. We start with some predictions.

Organizations consider social media more seriously

If 2009 was the year where social media began to break properly into the corporate world, 2010 will be the year that companies start to fully integrate social media into their marketing efforts.

Boundaries continue to blur

We’ll continue to see the lines between marketing, advertising and PR blur as departments and agencies execute cross-functional activities.

Mobile grows but remains immature

Mobile marketing will continue to grow but will remain experimental for another year or two as marketers figure out what works and what doesn’t.

And here are some tips from Dave.

Broaden your horizons

Start to educate yourself on other communications disciplines.

As the lines between disciplines blur, you’ll find yourself working new tactics into your strategies.

Brush up on social media objectives measurement

Social media for the sake of social media worked in 2008 and to an extent in 2009. In 2010, as companies think of these tools as more central to their communications, you’ll find objective-driven measurement will become even more important.

Think “media,” not “medium”

A newspaper ad alone doesn’t cut it. A news release may get ignored. A tweet may be missed. You’ll need to roll out communications across multiple media, over a sustained period of time, in order to succeed.

Ambal Balakrishnan is the co-founder of US-based ClickDocuments.
Ambal’s book “Content Marketing Tweet: 140 Bite-sized Ideas to Create and Market Compelling Content” will be published in Spring 2010.
Ambal is specialized in content marketing, social media marketing, B2B marketing and much more.
You can connect with Ambal on Twitter here.

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