3 thoughts on “Email versus Social Research: a Useless Debate”

  1. There’s no contradiction in the results that you quote:
    * Facebook is useful for and found that 75% thought it was good for learning about deals from favourite brands.
    * 64% of people preferred to hear about sales and promotions via email while only 8% had a preference for Facebook, Twitter or YouTube.
    * 37% preferred promotional emails over 9% who had a preference for social media.

    The overall conclusion is that Facebook is useful+good for learning about deals, but email is better.

  2. Hi Peter,

    Thanks for adding some more perspective here!

    I see your point. Perhaps I could have chosen my wording better. It was the difference in the percentages between the one poll and the two others that I was commenting on. Considering the nature of the three polls and questions involved, it may be a case of comparing apples to oranges.


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