Question: Why Do My Clients Unsubscribe from My Email Marketing?

Answer: They just want out of a bad relationship. That may sound a bit strange at first, but it could be the reason.  You see the most important part of email marketing isn’t delivery rates or open rates or even clicks… it’s your relationship with your client.

Do they value your business relationship?  Do you?  Are you sending them relevant and valuable content?”  Do you send the same content to everyone?  Do you know what your client wants or needs from this business relationship?

Business relationships are not unlike personal ones. We all have expectations, wants and needs that we expect the other party to provide in the relationship.  When it comes to your business and email relationship, you must deliver value.  Value will keep them engaged and reading.  Value is not always a discount on services or goods.  Value can be knowledge, education and or solutions to a problem.

Content should be targeted to the needs of the client.  After all, this is a one-to-one medium, not a soapbox for shouting everything.  Segment your lists and customize your content to better address the message you want the client to receive.  Make the call to action something that entices each group for their specific needs.  Dynamic Content is a great way to create one email but have the content change based on the subscribers profile and preferences.

For those of you new to email marketing, dynamic content is when you create content that is targeted to specific subscriber on your list.  These subscribers have a specific identifier or preference in their subscriber profile record.  Content is then tied to that preference and they get only the content they want.

New clients need different content than existing clients as do potential clients, make sure you give them what they need.  Review the content you’re delivering and your subscriber’s preferences and work towards delivering the content they want and you’ll have happier subscribers.

Cheers, Chris