A bad email program is much like an ineffective sales person: the power of personalization

Scott Hardigree I recently took my 9 year old daughter to Justice, a children’s apparel retailer. From the onset the manager bombarded me, at 5 minute intervals, with product recommendations and promotions. This continued for 30 minutes until I was forced to school her on customer insight and preferences. The power of personalization.

A bad email program is much like an ineffective sales person. Instead of having to read the disinterest on the faces of your customers, feel the negative impact on sales, or in my case, hear the harshness of their words; email marketing can tell you almost everything you need to know about your customers and help you to sell more.

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Online buying and selling go social too: welcome to the P2P economy

As you know, the buying process has changed a lot. People prepare their purchases using a vast array of information channels, including social media, blogs, web sites, peer reviews, etc., prior to actually buying something.

However, those are not the only social changes in the buying and selling process. 

In a report by the European research firm, InSites Consulting I read that 4 out of 10 European consumers search for information on brands and products via comparison, expert and user review sites.

The company sees more changes in online shopping but, as I will cover further, in online selling by consumers too. The factors that are influencing these changes include Web 2.0 and social media: social networking, conversing, sharing, tagging, content generation and community participation.

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