Email marketing: deliverability statistics for France, Germany and the UK from Return Path

Mario Marlisa My employer Return Path recently released their Global Email Deliverability Benchmark Report that includes the Inbox Placement Rates for not only US, Canada, Asia but also for some of the major European markets France, Germany and the UK.

The benchmark shows that the average Inbox Placement Rate for H2 2009 (that’s the second half of last year) in the United Kingdom is about 89%, in France 88% and in Germany 85%. Knowing the average Inbox Placement Rate within your market gives you a pretty good idea on how much revenue you are potentially loosing on average, its simple: no email in the inbox, no open, no clicks and no conversion. But I hear you ask, how do I find out out how much revenue I am losing based on my programme or database instead of only the average?

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