Email marketing + social media + mobile: the highly engaged person does not think by information medium

Sophia Aladenoye Recently I was reflecting on a conversation I had with some friends about SXSW and Foursquare’s partnership with MTV & VH1. All of this got me thinking about Marc by Marc Jacobs and its recent partnership with Foursquare and how all of these partnerships with the social media-driven, location-based mobile capability inherent within Foursquare could benefit email marketing.

Why am I focusing on email marketing in the face of the inherent coolness and youthful feel of social media & mobile technologies? I focus on it because in spite of what anyone might believe, email marketing will be around for a long time to come.

Why? Simply because there are many, many people who are very comfortable with it and people do not separate their forms of media — they use it all in an intuitive and mixed manner…so communicators/marketers should not completely ignore/forget email marketing as a great medium to connect with people.

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Does OpenID help or hurt email marketing?

Sophia I am very happy to introduce you to a new contributor to this blog. Her name is Sophia Aladenoye, she is an email marketing analyst at and calls herself a digital communications enthusiast.

Sophia currently blogs her thoughts, which tend to revolve around digital communications, human connectivity and authenticity here.

You can connect with her on Twitter here. In her first post, Sophia talks about OpenID and email marketing (something, I have to admit, I know nothing about, so all your comments and feedback are welcome!).

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