Giedrius Ivanauskas: is social media damaging our social skills?


Here is a new post from Giedrius Ivanauskas from Social Media Citizens and co-founder of the Social Marketing Forum. Are social media turning us into unmannered creatures?

Recently, I read an article on the Telegraph website, talking about research that suggests that “Mobile phones and social media are stealing our manners” and “damaging our social skills“. I think it’s nonsense.

Since the old days people used to express themselves more in writing than in any other form of communications. I don’t think it’s a confidence issue . In fact, I think it’s to do with politeness for some reason we as a society don’t find it so rude if someone writes bad about us compared to when someone says something bad.

People are so much more open and personal in writing, perhaps due to the fact, that they have more time to think what they put down on the paper and are not so impulsive.

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