Tamara Gielen: a new contributor with a gift

Tamaragielen Well, of course all contributors of this blog are gifted but this one comes with a real gift. I guess I don’t have to introduce my friend and even a bit my ‘coach’ Tamara Gielen (and this lion needs a coach sometimes) to the email marketers among you.

Tamara is the founder of The Email Marketer’s Club, blogs on Be Relevant! and is an independent email and digital direct marketing consultant with over 10 years of experience in online, email and direct marketing.

If you recently went to an email marketing event somewhere in the world, you might have seen Tamara giving a workshop or presentation.

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The Email Marketer’s Club organizes webinar on deliverability with Stephanie Miller (Return Path)

One of the main challenges for email marketers is deliverability. As I wrote in yesterday’s post about getting people to open your emails: “It’s obvious that in order to get people opening and scanning your emails, your emails have to reach the inbox first”.

By the way, in this section of the blog, you can find various interviews and tips on deliverability.

What I wanted to say, however, is that my good friend Tamara Gielen, founder of the Email Marketer’s Club, organizes a webinar on April 13 regarding email deliverability.

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