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EMAIL: What’s in a Name?

What’s in a name? I’ve broken down the word “email” as an acronym to hopefully provide a little inspiration. I chose the words below to highlight what I think are some important components of a good email marketing strategy. Now, you might have … [Read More...]

3 Essential Email Marketing Message Types

3 Essential Email Marketing Message Types

It’s easy to bore your customers to death with email: just send them the same type of message repeatedly and you’ll succeed.  We’re often guilty of this when we send our e-newsletter and little (or nothing) else.  And while a newsletter absolutely … [Read More...]

QR Codes When, Where, Why & How

QR Codes: When, Where, Why & How

Last week I posted an introduction to QR codes inspired by a whitepaper from GetResponse. Today, I thought we might consider the when, where, why and how of applying QR codes.     A camera equipped smartphone which has the right … [Read More...]

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