Social media marketing mistake #5: measuring social media marketing is not important

Most businesses simply don’t measure the impact of their social media marketing. The reason is often that they don’t have the tools.

Traditional measuring tools such as some Web Analytics platforms can be incapable of measuring social media. More advanced (and expensive) Web Analytics applications however often can.

But even then measuring the impact of social media is not obvious because what should be measured is often different from the metrics that you use to measure the efficiency of your web site or email marketing.

On social media you will analyze interactions, conversations, buzz etc. besides more traditional metrics.

There is a vast range of solutions to measure social media, going from all-in-one services such as Radian6, over a variety of free applications to tools such as Web Analytics software that is able to track social media.

With the rise of the importance and use of social media new programs will be launched.

A good example is Microsoft’s ‘Looking Glass’ that enables businesses to follow up their social media marketing in real-time.

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