Landing page optimization: keep it simple, relevant and keep your promise!

According to Econsultancy’s “Email Marketing Industry Census 2010” report, segmentation, measurement and analytics, and campaign optimization belong to the main areas email marketers have to focus on this year.

In the report, the words “ROI” and “results” are never far away, and if you take a look at the above mentioned areas, you can see that they all revolve around increasing efficiency, conversion and the bottom-line.

Segmentation and personalization, which is another priority as you can see below, ultimately seek to improve the results of our email marketing efforts.

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Social media marketing mistake #5: measuring social media marketing is not important

Most businesses simply don’t measure the impact of their social media marketing. The reason is often that they don’t have the tools.

Traditional measuring tools such as some Web Analytics platforms can be incapable of measuring social media. More advanced (and expensive) Web Analytics applications however often can.

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