The ROI of social media: a range of valuable opinions and insights

Recently, I wrote about the ROI of social media marketing. As you know, there are some misunderstandings and, to say the least, different opinions regarding this topic.

In the Social Marketing Forum, where I’m a member, some interesting opinions regarding the topic were posted when one of the members asked about the ROI of social media marketing.

I’m going to sum them up because it’s really interesting to have the opinions from different experts, with different backgrounds (performance marketing, social media management, B2B lead management marketing, web analytics, etc.). 

So, this will be the longest post ever on this blog, but it’s one you might want to print…

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Social media marketing mistake #5: measuring social media marketing is not important

Most businesses simply don’t measure the impact of their social media marketing. The reason is often that they don’t have the tools.

Traditional measuring tools such as some Web Analytics platforms can be incapable of measuring social media. More advanced (and expensive) Web Analytics applications however often can.

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