Facebook now second most popular site but not all is well: agencies complain!

Yesterday, Compete.com got some new traffic data out. The big news (well, maybe it’s not news anymore) is that Facebook is now the second most visited site in the US with 134 million unique visitors last month.

Now, what should we make of these numbers? We know that Facebook has a lot of users, we know it’s been the king of social networks for a while now and since yesterday we also know that it’s the second most visited site in the U.S. (well, at least last month).

But does it really matter in the end? In the early days of online marketing and advertising, having the most eyeballs was a must for every online publisher and medium since eyeballs meant revenues: CPM, display ads, remember?

And, with Facebook changing its strategies and policies (more about these policies later) very often lately, it’s not really cashing in on eyeballs. Remember what we wrote earlier this week about that.

OK, Facebook has other sources of revenues, but it’s time the company makes up its mind. It’s increasingly confusing advertisers but agencies too.

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