Social media marketing report from MarketingProfs: data on blogging and social networking

Some highlights from the press release about the launch of ‘The State of Social Media Marketing’ report by MarketingProfs (based on a survey of their members, including yours truly).

  • Nearly half of the marketers surveyed reported that their company maintains a corporate profile on one or more social media networks. Among that half, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (in that order) were the most popular.
  • Only 15% of social media marketers report that their blogging, posting or networking responsibilities are included in their job descriptions, yet more than 50% of marketers indicate that they use social media for work purposes.
  • Email and traditional PR are still the most-used forms of “earned” media, with more than twice as much use as blogs or viral videos.
  • The most-used tactic among Twitter-using marketers is to broadcast links in the hopes of driving traffic, yet the most successful use of Twitter for marketing purposes is monitoring for real-time PR problems.
  • Most marketers report that their measurement of return on investment (ROI) for their participation in social media is mediocre or average. However, over half are using some form of tracking.

Nothing really new there if you ask me but of course the report contains more than just these findings. At least that’s what I hope (it’s over 240 pages).

I guess you know where to find MarketingProfs.