Social media: Twitter, Facebook and MySpace attract fewer users

The attendance of social networks shows signs of slowing, at least according to

The company, that specializes in measuring Web traffic, found that the number of Internet users in the U.S. that connect to Twitter, Facebook and MySpace fell in November in comparison to previous months.

According to Compete the number of unique visitors to Twitter has decreased with 2.43% in November compared to October.

It is the third consecutive monthly decline for the micro-blogging site. The number of visits or number of connections has even declined 7.24% last month.

The same applies to MySpace, where attendance has declined with 2.64% in November 2009 compared to the previous month.

In one year, the number of unique visitors to MySpace has plunged 13.88% .

For Facebook, still king in social media land, the decrease is less important. The number of unique visitors has declined from 0.47% between October and November to 128.33 million, while the number of connections has increased 3.51% in the same time.

For the record: Compete only looks at data for the US. Although the three social media are used worldwide, in many countries there still seems to be room for growth.

The big question is whether this is a natural phenomenon, a periodical phenomenon or something else.

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