Can you acquire new customers with Twitter?

This is really the final post I do about my Twitter interview with Michael Kahn. I divided it over several posts because it was so long and Michael had so much to share.

This post is about what he had to say when I asked him if he thinks you can acquire new customers through Twitter? Can it help you in generating leads?

For Kahn the answer is clearly ‘yes’: “A Performics Social Marketing Study found that consumers are open to brand messages on the social networks. Brands should be tweeting deals and promotions to their followers (see Dell example above), especially during the holidays. A brand’s following is a self-selected list of people that are saying to the brand: ‘we are interested in what you have to talk about’ or even ‘we are interested in buying from you.’ Don’t spam your followers, but recognize that they are open to your promotions. Test which times of day and types of messages drive the most clicks and conversions from Twitter and optimize your promotional tweets. Twitter can also be used to drive in-store traffic. For instance, tweet something like: ‘get a free gift when you mention this tweet in one of our stores today from 1PM to 5PM!’”.

That’s it folks!

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