Creative ways to get internal support for social media

Many companies are interested in not only knowing how social media marketing can help them, but also on how to create departmental support for the programs.

What’s the best way to add social media to your 2010 budget over other marketing programs?

The best way, as defined in an article on Social Media Today by social media marketer Matt Rhodes, “is to associate the business needs to the social media proposition”.

So what does that mean? It’s pretty simple. Whatever you want more from in terms of marketing, point out that social media marketing is the  answer.

This may not be everything, but social media marketing is making it simpler to be creative and problem solve marketing and branding problems.

For one, you can directly address buyer concerns about your product or service via social media.

You might also improve customer support with social media. If you’re selling a service or technology, creating a community active in asking and answering  questions could do wonders for your  brand name.

Social media marketing and marketing needs

But those are just a few ideas for the corporate needs of the company. You may be using other marketing programs successfully, so it’s a hard sell to take money out of one budget and put it into another. According to Rhodes, you can still create the internal support.

Rhodes broke it down to “Need, Feature, and Advantage.” What is your marketing need? Each need is often solved with a social media feature which has advantages for your marketing efforts.

Often in creating internal support, you’re a politician shaking hands. This means a lot of one-on-one meetings to get support for major projects. You might not be able to sell everyone, but with the Need, Feature, and Advantage presentation, you can win over the majority.

Read the post by Matt Rhodes here.

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