Social media marketing without the buzz

I’ve been talking on this blog about how important it is to look at social media from an overall perspective without focussing too much on (and getting lost in) the media and tactics.

Well, here is another presentation, this time from the people at Ogilvy PR Asia Pacific, that says it all.

It was posted 4 days ago and is called ‘social media basics for executives’ but, for me, it’s social media marketing without the buzz, the fuzz and the hype.

One to go through if you get lost in ‘social media expert’ land again.

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1 thought on “Social media marketing without the buzz”

  1. Thanks for the compliment! Here in Ogilvy’s DI practice we avoid the hype and concentrate on giving people the reality of Social Media.
    Even the reality, however, sometimes sounds like hype! The possibilities opened by Social Media constantly amaze me.

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