Email marketing for WordPress web sites

Today seems to be the email marketing service provider press release day. Here’s another one (and there are more but I can’t cover them all).

ActiveCampaign announced an email marketing plug-in for WordPress, called “the world’s most popular content management solution” by the PR people at ActiveCampaign.

What can you do with the plug-in if you operate a WordPress-powered site? Well, use the possibilities of ActiveCampaign of course.

These include features such as personalization, split-testing, and dynamically generated content.

The company adds “all without any knowledge of coding and without any need to modify your WordPress theme”.

ActiveCampaign further says it has increased its focus on interoperability with other industry standard applications.

CEO Jason VandeBoom: “Integration of third party applications is essential for any modern software product. The ability to easily integrate with applications such as WordPress allow our users to quickly and reliably extend the use of our software while benefiting their end users in the process.”

I guess this means we can expect more.

The WordPress plug-in is free for users of ActiveCampaign Email Marketing.

More (technical and other) details in the press release here.

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