New features for HootSuite Twitter client: WordPress integration, previews and more

Just read that the folks at HootSuite have added some new features to their Twitter client (or should I say Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn/ client?).

What’s up? First of all HootSuite added support for WordPress blogs which enables bloggers, using WordPress of course, to schedule and cross-post content to their WordPress accounts (as HootSuite already enables you to with all the above mentioned social media and, yes, blogs are social media).

TypePad bloggers, including me, will have to be patient or not use HootSuite at all. After all, TypepAd enables to post to most social networks, right?

Back to HootSuite: on the blog the people behind the Twitter client say “WordPress is the first blog platform officially supported by HootSuite”. You know what that means.

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Email marketing for WordPress web sites

Today seems to be the email marketing service provider press release day. Here’s another one (and there are more but I can’t cover them all).

ActiveCampaign announced an email marketing plug-in for WordPress, called “the world’s most popular content management solution” by the PR people at ActiveCampaign.

What can you do with the plug-in if you operate a WordPress-powered site? Well, use the possibilities of ActiveCampaign of course.

These include features such as personalization, split-testing, and dynamically generated content.

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