HubSpot: website traffic is meaningless, unless it converts into leads

In a new slideshare presentation HubSpot presents some stats from the ‘Inbound marketing’ report it published earlier this year but the slideshare also contains interesting data and tips regarding SEO and Social Search.

According to HubSpot’s Mike Volpe, search is clearly going social. I quote: “SEO rank is now a meaningless metric”. Note that Mike says SEO rank, not PageRank or search engine position. That’s because Volpe wants to make clear that, as you know, search has gone beyond its traditional environment and involves a lot of real-time these days but there is more…

If you skip the first slides (unless if you don’t know what inbound marketing is), there are some interesting findings and SEO tips based upon data from Website Grader. For the record: that’s a free SEO tool HubSpot offers to get a report on the SEO status of your site and some social media data as well.

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What will be the next big thing? That we get smart about this big thing: social media?

Socialmedia Since I’ve been in the interactive marketing industry, I have seen so many predictions, even from leading research firms, that proved completely wrong, that I don’t often write about them anymore. 

When I worked for a publisher in the interactive marketing and ICT industry, we knew how much marketers loved data.

They needed forecasts and predictions to base their decisions upon and find a sense of security in a world of emerging media and fundamental changes.

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