What will be the next big thing? That we get smart about this big thing: social media?

Socialmedia Since I’ve been in the interactive marketing industry, I have seen so many predictions, even from leading research firms, that proved completely wrong, that I don’t often write about them anymore. 

When I worked for a publisher in the interactive marketing and ICT industry, we knew how much marketers loved data.

They needed forecasts and predictions to base their decisions upon and find a sense of security in a world of emerging media and fundamental changes.

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Social media and community building

The world of social media has presented some unique opportunities not just to marketers, but to community organizers and communicators.

In fact, social media marketing is all about community building. Building a community is not limited to people with a product to market, it can be a remarkable opportunity for entrepreneurs who are still deciding on a product, non-profit groups looking to unite passionate people, and of course, marketers looking to connect with a wide audience.

These four methods will help you build a community, connect with your users, and create social media ‘permission marketing’ assets.

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