The ROI of email marketing: some data (and a request for more data)

I wonder how many email marketers are really able to determine the return on investment of their activities and how they’re doing it in this social email marketing day and age. I’ve tackled the topic several times, talked about it with some people, but I’m curious how you, dear email marketer, do it.

So if you combine social media and email marketing, feel free to share your insights.
When you ask marketers, many still say that email has a high ROI.

However, it’s not the champion of ROI.

I remember a survey, dating from the end of last year, that was conducted by Ipsos Mori in the UK for the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

It found that two UK marketers in five think the best ROI is delivered by CRM (21%, to be precise). 

For 11% of the surveyed marketers, the best ROI was delivered by email and online advertising scored 12%.

I guess that some email marketers will now think that email marketing delivers the best ROI, but I’m curious to know the opinion of the marketing managers out there.

So, if any of them reads this, feel free to say what kind of marketing activities have the best ROI for you.

For the record: the survey I just talked about showed that mainly marketers from the financial and services industries gave a high ROI score to CRM. So, it depends from the type of industry and probably also the type of customers (B2B, B2C) and probably other things too.

Anyone any thoughts or data about the ROI of email marketing?

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