Email marketing tip: test your emails on a small percentage of your recipient base

Luc Robijns For experienced email marketers this is an obvious tip. There is a lot of testing to do in email marketing to see what works best for both, you and your customer in general.

Testing helps you to find out what type of content works best, what’s the best day to send an email and much more.

However, besides these more general tests, that provide you tactical insights on a medium to long term, you also need to test your emails prior to sending them.

There are many techniques including advanced A/B testing and multivariate testing but an easy way of testing is by sending your email on a small percentage of your opt-in list first and looking at the results your email marketing solution provides.

It’s one the most important techniques, yet so few people actually do it. When trying to increase the efficiency of your email, test the headline or opening paragraph, your content, your offer, how the email content spreads via social media, etc.

Testing emails is about ROI and customer satisfaction

Be sure that you test all these elements one at a time so you can accurately measure the results.

Of course the elements you want to test, depend from the marketing purpose of the email, the people behind the email addresses in your opt-in list, etc.

Testing your offer and your copy is the cheapest, most efficient way to maximize ROI.
In fact, this should be an ongoing part of your business. Instead of sending your latest email to your entire recipient base, try sending it to a small test group.

Doing a trial run will allow you the opportunity to iron out any kinks, saving you time, money, and hassle.

But, more importantly: it will allow you to determine what your recipients value most!

Luc Robijns, the latest contributor to this blog, is coaching and managing projects and organizations with a strong focus on objectives and deadlines. He sees his job to help set conditions where people in the right positions can have options on the way forward. He brings along more than 25 years of entrepreneurship and sales and marketing expertise.

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