Digg and social bookmarking: content and community tips to gain traffic

This week-end I finally found some time to get active on Digg. I already used Delicious for this blog but the advantage of Digg is that you can share your favorites and at the same time delve up some good content from others, etc.

Over the next few weeks I will be testing out the effects of Digg. Well, in fact, I’m testing out quite some things at the same time, for the moment: social bookmarking and a dozen of social media tools such as Spredfast and Twittercounter, the well-know service of Boris Veldhuijzen van Zanten, the guy behind The Next Web blog and conference, who I will be interviewing when he’s back from his trip to the States. In fact, the last time I interviewed him was just before the launch of The Next Web, time goes fast sometimes.

Back to social bookmarking and Digg.

Social bookmarking traffic can be highly valuable for websites, social network and blogging communities. From Digg to Delicious, the amount of social media traffic that is out there and available is truly astounding.

The smallest mention can easily generate 10 to 50,000 views in a day, and a front page ranking can just as easily create millions of page views over a multi-day period.
Social bookmarking is not only about traffic and SEO. It’s also a great way to share valuable content and links with the members of your communities.

In this post, I’ll tackle the topic from a traffic, content and community viewpoint and I’ll focus on Digg although the tips apply to other social bookmarking sites like Reddit and Delicious too.
Of course, getting those front page rankings (or even small mentions) can be difficult, and for every one a marketer or blogger does, thousands of others fall short.

Sometimes it is a result of the content, while other times it is a result of the strategy taken to get there. However, with some easy optimizations, even the blandest content can quickly and safely make it to the front page of any top social bookmarking website.

How? Here are some strategies that are perfect for gaining traffic on Digg.

Digg is about community, sharing and giving each other diggs

Digg is essentially powered by micro-communities, each contributing to one another’s material and outbound links. Rather than slaving to get the general public to vote on your link right from the beginning, simply build a small Digg community and have an instant link-voting resource ready to help you succeed. With a small amount of networking, you can easily find other Diggers that want their content to succeed too.

Publish your content on someone else’s blog

If your blog or content website is brand new, chances are good that few people will vote on your links. Sure, the content might be great, and you might have insider information to offer, but without some form of online credibility and reputation, it is unlikely that anyone will be voting for you. Skip this issue by publishing as a guest on someone else’s website.

There are thousands of blogs out there looking for great guest posters, so get out there and network.

As a matter of fact: I am planning to make this blog a group blog too, as you will find out the following days.

Not with guest posts but with real contributors who are all experts in one or more of the fields this blog covers.

So if you want to join and participate, send me a mail via info[at]socialemailmarketing.eu, send me a DM via Twitter or simply join me on…Digg.

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