How LG uses Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to act against mobile harassment

As a leading vendor of mobile phones, smartphones and texting devices, LG tackles the problem of mobile harassment among teenagers and young adults.

While a massive amount of text messages is sent every second by teens all over the world, it’s a fact that it’s hard for some of them to take a moment considering the side effects by sending a seemingly harmful text. LG shows responsibility and has found a great way to reach out to the young target group social media.

A nice case study.

“Before you text – Stop and think, give it a ponder”. This is the message LG wants to give young people with the “Give It A Ponder” campaign. 

The company created a microsite where a “talking beard” with the wise voice of James Lipton (Inside the Actors Studio) guides you through the different social media platforms that are used in the campaign.

The people at LG also use another way of saying “Think before you act”: video.

By showing funny but still realistic scenarios, teenagers and young adults are reached in a familiar way.

YouTube + Facebook + Twitter

Four videos are released on YouTube with more than 600,000 total views – all featuring James Lipton – who encourages teens to pause and ‘ponder’ when they consider sending an inappropriate text or photo.

The guiding beard also takes you along to Facebook where LG shows an example of great interaction with fans and followers. The company shares links to external pages and websites and replies with humour and personality.

On Twitter, you can find ponder tweets like “Forwarding mean texts could give you bad mojo, and there’s no cure for bad mojo. Scientists need to get on that”, “CDC reports that sending dirty text messages may spread H1N1 virus. (See how rumors get started?)” and “Mean texts are the brussels sprouts of communication”.
The campaign is a good example of how to reach a young target group and create a cause against a problem like mobile harassment. It’s not only using social media but it does a great job integrating them into an overall approach.

The microsite guide takes people along all the different platforms and makes it easy and fun to follow.

LG interacts and places itself on a level that teens easily can relate to.

In my opinion, LG is doing a great and successful job here.

You can watch one of the YouTube videos below.

Written by Sara Hansson from Mindjumpers.

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