Interview (part 1 of 2): Click Consult on social media optimization

Last week I wrote a few times about the impact of social media marketing on SEM and posted about some search engine marketing companies that were sharing their opinions regarding social media and search.

One of them was UK-based Click Consult (read the post here), that offers SEM services but also other Internet marketing services.

I decided to interview them about what is called ‘social media optimization’ (SMO). 

My first question to Susie Hood from Click Consult was if she could tell more about the company’s SMO approach.

Susie: “Our SMO is focused around getting our content in front of the right people. This means distributing content through sites such as Digg! Twitter, Facebook, Stumble Upon and others”. 

“However”, she says, “distribution is only the start of the process. The most important part of SMO is starting a conversation with readers/customers”.

Susie continues: “The key to success in Social Media is the understanding that the more you put in, the more you get out. It can take a while to build a social presence but once you do the viral effect of Social Media will help create/build a very strong brand. This is true for clients of all industries and sizes, not just multi-nationals”.

“At Click Consult we see Social Media as a 50/50 investment by the client, for every hour we spend on the account, they should spend an equal amount of time, if not greater, engaging in the conversations with their clients/potential customers”.

A holistic approach to Internet Marketing

Next I wanted to know what, according to Click Consult, are the main areas where social media and SEM meet, influence each other, etc….

“In terms of search engine rankings your money is 100% better off spent on pure SEO, but in terms of a holistic approach to Internet Marketing we believe that the two fit perfectly hand in hand”.

“Social Media is all about the brand. Build a brand, you build a business. The more buzz you can create about your brand/business, the stronger your rankings will be once your SEM has taken effect”.

In many ways SMO & SEM are about the same values; quality content and links (sharing), and one reinforces the other.

I couldn’t agree more. Stay tuned for part 2 of this interview.

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