Interview (part 2 of 2) Click Consult on SMO, PPC ads, social bookmarking and guest blogging

Earlier this week I posted the first part of an interview with UK-based Click Consult on social media optimization.

In this second part, we tackle topics such as social bookmarking, guest blogging and other social media optimization techniques.

But first I wanted to know what the company thought about PPC advertising in social media and if/how it used it.

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Interview (part 1 of 2): Click Consult on social media optimization

Last week I wrote a few times about the impact of social media marketing on SEM and posted about some search engine marketing companies that were sharing their opinions regarding social media and search.

One of them was UK-based Click Consult (read the post here), that offers SEM services but also other Internet marketing services.

I decided to interview them about what is called ‘social media optimization’ (SMO). 

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