The importance of relevance and knowing your target audience better

Recently, I read a post by Mark Haslan on the small business and graphic design news blog of OvernightPrints called ‘Improving relevance, targeting can boost marketing ROI’, based on some recent data from

Since it’s about relevance and customer-centricity I decided to cover it.

Consumers are bombarded with an infinite number of advertisements and
promotional messages. So, if something does not seem relevant to them,
they immediately discard it.

This consumer behavior spells out a new success mantra for all online marketers – keep relevance in your mind when devising your marketing campaign.

A thorough research into consumer tastes and preferences is essential to create meaningful advertisements and marketing campaigns. Any marketing effort can fail for sure if it does not take into account consumer behavior.

And targeting this behavior is what needed at the moment. According to data from eMarketer, online advertisers will spend $2.6 billion in 2014 on behavioral targeting alone. It is a huge jump from the $925 million figure spent in 2009.

Reviewing brand goals in the light of consumer behavior is unavoidable

It makes sense since consumer behavior which is too complex to comprehend, can increase marketing effectiveness and result in more sales if incorporated you’re your marketing campaign properly. 

Businesses planning to implement a behavioral targeting campaign will first need to reassess their marketing goals and objectives. Whether it is email marketing or direct mailing, reviewing brand goals in the light of consumer behavior is unavoidable if you want to create relevant sales message or advertisements.

Targeting consumers in its true sense means reaching your prospective customers with an interesting ad or brand message they will find relevant at the right time.

Let us take an example where consumer behavior dictates your marketing effort.

It has been observed that consumers get confused if they get limitless options, which in turn leads to lower conversion rate.

Do you have a budget for consumer behavior analysis?

This means that as a marketer, you will need to choose your featured products and services carefully, instead of bombarding consumers with page after page of choices.

Studying consumer behavior does not always entail huge expenditure though.

Small businesses with limited resources for marketing and promotions can simply stay informed to know about the exact consumer behavior in the market. News related to consumer behavior is an effective source of knowing your target audience better.

Most businesses rely on surveys (mailed or online) to get first hand feedback from the consumers.

These feedback campaigns are aimed at collecting data on what kind of information customers want to receive and which promotions and advertisements they liked the most in recent times. Some online marketers are also resorting to detailed opt-in choices for newsletters or email lists.

So, it is always advisable to decide your budget for consumer behavior analysis.

Remember, by making your promotional message simple yet relevant, you can see an increase in your sales and ROI.

Source:, via Mark Haslan

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