Last week’s most visited online property in the US: Facebook (but what do eyeballs mean?)

Heather Dougherty, Director, Research at Hitwise (Experian), yesterday posted a graph on the company’s blog, showing that for the week ending March 13, Facebook was the most visited web property in the US.

Yes, I know it’s from yesterday but, hey, I’m not Mashable. It’s interesting to see these evolutions. Remember yesterday’s post by Anne Herngaard.

It’s not the first time the king of social networks beats Google from a traffic perspective.

It surpassed Google on some other days, including Christmas Eve.

Being the most visited web site in the US for a week is yet another milestone for Facebook.

Google and Facebook accounted for 14% of all US Internet visits, Heather writes.

Question: do eyeballs have the same value on social networking sites as they have on search engines, portals, blogs, whatever?

I would love to see data on what people do on these different kinds of sites, how long they stay, where they go and, as a marketer, most of all how they interact with brands and various ad formats.

Think with me here. Please.

Below you see the graph Heather added in her blog post that you can read here.

Traffic of, compared with Google's (Source: Experian Hitwise)


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