CheetahMail (Experian) further integrates email marketing and social media

Another provider of digital marketing solutions has chosen to go further on the path towards the integration of social media and email.

Experian Marketing Services has announced the “availability of extensive social media tools standard within its email application”. That email application of course is CheetahMail.

Now, didn’t CheetahMail have some social media possibilities already? Yes, it did: customers could use sharing tools, a.k.a. “Share With Your Network” or SWYN, Twitter features and Facebook features.

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Last week’s most visited online property in the US: Facebook (but what do eyeballs mean?)

Heather Dougherty, Director, Research at Hitwise (Experian), yesterday posted a graph on the company’s blog, showing that for the week ending March 13, Facebook was the most visited web property in the US.

Yes, I know it’s from yesterday but, hey, I’m not Mashable. It’s interesting to see these evolutions. Remember yesterday’s post by Anne Herngaard.

It’s not the first time the king of social networks beats Google from a traffic perspective.

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